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By Sabrina Lawrence-Gomez

Bad Beetle MacBook Case

The Mountain Pine Beetle is decimated forests across the Mexico, United States, and Canada- the beetles lay eggs beneath the bark of trees, introducing a deadly fungus. As the tree dies is takes on a unique silvery blue stain within its grains. Greeno removes these trees, protecting the survivors of the forest from infection, and processing the wood for use. Then Bad Beetle Designs takes it to the next level by fashioning this beautiful wood into cases for iPhone and MacBook. These cases feature laser engraved, graffiti style beetles for a super bad look.

Bad Beetle iPhone Accessories Are Made from Beetle-Poisoned Wood

by Evelyn Lee

One of the coolest finds we spotted at last week’s Dwell on Design was this line of iPhone accessories made by Bad Beetle out of the dead remains of trees infected by the Mountain Pine Beetle. Deemed “nature’s graffiti artists,” the beetles create blue tinted designs on the pine, making each case unique.

North America has lost more than 70,000 square miles of forest since 2000 due to the Mountain Pine Beetle. The adult beetles have a poisonous blue-stain fungus which discolors the wood and stops a tree’s ability to circulate water and nutrients. In order to stop infestation and the risk of a more rapid spread of forest fires due to dead wood, it has been recommended by the U.S. Forest Service that all dead or infected trees be logged and then burned. Bad Beetle’s response makes the most out of our forests’ beetle infestation by making one-of-a-kind accessories for mobile Apple devices. Pre-order yours today and spread the story.

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Dwell on Design

Bad Beetle blue-stain pine Apple accessories made their public debut at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles.  The response was overwhelmingly positive from both industry experts and consumers.  We’d like to extend a special thank you to all those who stopped by our booth and to Dwell for the incredible support.

We look forward to returning in 2013 with an array of new, innovative products to display.