Bad Beetle Makes Dwell Show Top Pick

Bad Beetle iPhone Case

So what exactly do you do with 22,000 dead trees? Ask Larry Lipson, the Founder of Bad Beetle who managed to take those 22,000 dead trees on his property and craft durable lightweight cases for mobile devices that stunningly highlight the blue and silvery streaking the beetles leave behind inside of the Ponderosa Pine tree. The culprit behind these dead trees is the invasive and destructive Mountain Pine Beetle, which has destroyed over 70,000 square miles of forest across the Rocky Mountains alone since 2000.  While researchers scramble to study the beetle and find ways to curb its destruction, it’s nice to know that there are designers out there who are making the most of the otherwise tragic situation. You can take a look at  Bad Beetle’s nifty Apple cases here. For more information about the destructive Mountain Pine Beetle:

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