Beetle-Kill Products Go Mainstream With Apple Accessories


The mountain pine beetle has methodically taken over large swaths of forest from Mexico to British Columbia. Estimates indicate the tiny rice-sized beetle attacked 3.8 million acres of forest in 2011 and it is now affecting forest fire rates. In recent years, entrepreneurial wood products companies have rolled out a bevy of “beetle-kill” products, including raw lumber, furniture and wood flooring.


Today, with Bad Beetle‘s line of consumer electronics accessories, it’s possible that the beetle-kill-mania is entering the mainstream. Bearing the distinctive blue tinge of beetle-kill products and engraved with the company’s modern graffiti-style logo (complete with a pair of devil’s horns on the pest’s head), Bad Beetle’s products fit Apple’s most popular portable products, including the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air.

“When these naughty nemeses invade trees, they create a beautiful, silvery blue stain,” the company wrote on its website. “For the tree, it’s curtains. But for you, it’s a snazzy, insanely eco-friendly Bad Beetle accessory.”

Recently, Bad Beetle made the rounds at the Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles, and it is currently taking pre-orders.


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