Bad Beetles Make Apple Accessories Look Great!

The mountain pine beetle (MPB) is the most destructive pest of mature pine forests in North America. Adult beetles carry blue-stain fungus into the tree, which after a few months, discolors the outer wood a bluish-silver, clogs the tree’s circulation of water and nutrients and ultimately kills it. The founders of Bad Beetle™ own Montana ranchland that has lost 22,000 trees to an outbreak of MPB. The choice was to either slash-and-burn the trees or to utilize the resource for making stunningly unique, blue-stain Apple® accessories. The decision was easy. Bad Beetle was born.  Bad Beetle Accessories include:

iPhone Replacement Backs

iPad Case and Stand

iPad Breakaway Stand

MacBook Pro Case

Bad Beetle products are made from forest die-off caused by the mountain pine beetle. A portion of proceeds goes to the protection of forests and the replanting of trees.

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