The ZAGGFolio – A New, Innovative iPad Accessory

ZaggFolio iPad AccessoryThe ZAGGfolio is a keyboard case for iPad 2 and 3. It’s complete with a removable Bluetooth wireless keyboard and built-in stand system to hold the iPad in either landscape or portrait orientation. An International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award Honoree, the ZAGGfolio comes in various colors, textures, and keyboard designs. ZAGGfolio is the best selling keyboard case of all new iPad accessories products.

Check out this video demonstration:


Bad Beetles Make Apple Accessories Look Great!

The mountain pine beetle (MPB) is the most destructive pest of mature pine forests in North America. Adult beetles carry blue-stain fungus into the tree, which after a few months, discolors the outer wood a bluish-silver, clogs the tree’s circulation of water and nutrients and ultimately kills it. The founders of Bad Beetle™ own Montana ranchland that has lost 22,000 trees to an outbreak of MPB. The choice was to either slash-and-burn the trees or to utilize the resource for making stunningly unique, blue-stain Apple® accessories. The decision was easy. Bad Beetle was born.  Bad Beetle Accessories include:

iPhone Replacement Backs

iPad Case and Stand

iPad Breakaway Stand

MacBook Pro Case

Bad Beetle products are made from forest die-off caused by the mountain pine beetle. A portion of proceeds goes to the protection of forests and the replanting of trees.