All Wood Has A Story.
This One Has A Tragedy.

The mountain pine beetle (MPB) is the most destructive pest of mature pine forests in North America.

Across western North America, from Mexico to Alaska, forest die-off is occurring at a rate unprecedented in the last century-and-a-half. The Rocky Mountains have seen nearly 70,000 square miles of forest — an area the size of Washington State — die since 2000. According to scientists, a warming climate and aging forests are the cause of the current MPB epidemic. Forests in Australia, Russia, France and other countries have experienced significant die-offs as well.

Adult beetles carry blue-stain fungus into the tree, which after a few months, discolors the outer wood a bluish-silver and clogs the tree’s circulation of water and nutrients. Ironically, the substance that ultimately kills the tree is what makes blue-stain wood so uniquely beautiful.

Popular recreational trails throughout North America have been forced to close due to the extensive risk of falling dead trees killed by MPB. Fires in MPB-infested stands burn more intensely than in unaffected pine. The long-term remedy is to thin susceptible stands of trees, leaving well-spaced, healthy trees. The U.S. Forest Service recommends salvage logging, followed by prescribed burning, as a solution for preventing further beetle spread and wildfires.

The Bad Beetle brand evolved out of the MPB problem currently plaguing North American forests.

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Bad Beetle's own Montana ranchland has lost 10,000 trees to the latest outbreak of MPB. The choice was to either slash and burn the trees or to utilize the resource for making stunningly unique, blue-stain Apple® accessories. The decision was easy. Bad Beetle was born.